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About Care Carpet Clean

As well as a small friendly competitive service, Care Carpet Clean
covers Suffolk and will also cover Norfolk, Essex,
Cambridgeshire, and even London. Additional charges may occur
depending on the service you require.
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Breakdown of service

There are many methods of cleaning carpets, from steam cleaning, bonnet low foam mopping, hot water extraction deep clean method, and dry compound cleaning.

The method I undertake is hot water extraction deep cleaning.

The stages of getting carpets cleaned by this method is

  • Pre-Spraying
  • Agitation
  • Extraction
The reason as to why we as carpet cleaners Pre-spray carpets is so the chemical allows time to breakdown soils giving at least 10 minutes before agitating them.

Once Pre-sprayed, agitation of carpets are required. This gives help to the breakdown of soils from the pre-spray.

Then finally, the carpet is then properly cleaned by hot water extraction (HWE) with deodorising shampoo and a protection.

The carpet usually takes 1-2 hours to dry and maybe in some cases a little longer depending on the pile, and how bad they may be and temperature in room.

The prices may vary depending on the type of cleaning the customer required, ie' whether they want the whole process of pre-spry,agitation and deep extraction clean, or just hot water extraction deep clean.


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